Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why the Name Dropping???

Even though I disagree with Hillary Clinton politically, I know she is a formidable presidential candidate. She is highly intelligent, persuasive and influential. My husband and I see her as a shoo-in as the Democratic nominee for the next presidential election. Hillary has so much going for her!

Why does Hillary choose to lean on her husband's name as her campaign is gaining steam? We know Bill Clinton was one of the best in his speech craft and his way of connecting to people.

But Bill has the legacy of being only the second US president in history to be impeached (not threatened with impeachment, but truly impeached) And his impeachment was not for some horrific treasonous act, but for perjury! He lied about his extra-marital affair with that....that.....blue dress wearing dark haired girl!!! (Yes, I know her name!) (If that had been my husband, he would have been out on his ear and I would have gone on with life)

The New York Times has an article about Hillary campaigning in New Hampshire, and all the while mentioning Bill here and there. Does Hillary think Democratic voters will not love her without the fragrance of Bill on her? I think she is strong enough to stand on her own, and so do many others!

Choosing to "Billify" her campaign only confirms my belief that she married him merely to catapult her into political prominence. The Bill perfume she wears may stain what should be a successful campaign for the presidential nomination.


Bag Lady said...

Very good question.

I've been chewing on it, and given the way you've posed it, I can't produce a definitive answer.

Most, if not all, of the liberals I know are leery of her, though they did support Bill (B.M. -- Before Monica).

Not necessarily because they disagree with her politics, but (I think) in their guts, they don't trust her.

Invoking Bill might successfully woo some, but for most I know who would otherwise back her, nothing's gonna do the trick.

Suppose in that case, she has nothing to lose, really.

Radiant said...

Tell me who you think would be someone more trustable as a candidate?

The field of potential candidates on both sides seems bleak to me, and I'm concerned we will again be made to choose between the lesser of two evils.