Thursday, February 8, 2007

Call it "Limiting the Carbon Footprint"

With all the fuss about global warming nowadays, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is complaining that she cannot have a huge jet to traipse across the country with her immediate family and political supporters. Does she realize what a huge government jet would cost the taxpayers? Maybe not, and maybe she does not care - who knows?

According to the Washington Times, the Pentagon has limited the jet she can use to a commuter jet that needs to be refueled once to make it from San Francisco to Washington DC. She is not allowed to have a fawning bevy of supporters with her, and family members would have to pay the US treasury to fly on that aircraft. They would be better off going to to get their flights arranged, honestly.

While she may accuse the administration of slighting her (she is the third in line to the presidency after all), I would think she would accept this jet as leadership in environmental stewardship and encourage the personal reduction of dependence on oil. This airborne humbling can be an example for all of us to "limit the size of our carbon footprint" in the world.


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking idiot. You don't even understand the story of the issue. I hope your singers do a better job but I sure as shit doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I wonder how much jet fuel that fat ass Hastert used on his trips home.

john h said...

I won't hide behind anonymity. What kind of GOP shill are you?

Gee...wonder if any freaking G.O.P got to fly in a big jet or fretted that he/she had to fly commercial.

I'm guessing that Rove and his boy-genius gang don't mix with the hoi-polloi while flying across 'their country'. Egads..Rove actually might have to sit next to a tomato picker!

John Hutcheson
Nashville Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Lets see if I can explain this made up Moonie times story so even a coral director can understand.

9/11 happened. (You might remember the events of 9/11 they were in all the papers, even the moonie times.)

After 9/11 it was decided that, for security reasons, the speaker of the house, who is number 2 in line for the presidency, could no longer fly commerical.

Dennis Hastard was the speaker of the house after 9/11. He lives in Illinois. He was given the use of a commuter jet to his home district. He flew non-stop. Illinois is only half way across the continent.

Nancy Pelosi lives in San Francisco. San Francisco is all the way across the continent from Washington DC. Don't believe me. Look it up on a map.

Nancy Pelosi was told she had to fly military. Always before she flew non-stop commerical. The military decided to assign her a plane that couldn't always make the trip non-stop.

The air force has planes that can make it non-stop. They are available for 30 cabinet secretaries including the Secretary of HUD and the Secretary of Commerce.

Pelosi said she wants to fly to her home district non-stop, just like Denny Hastart. The military said they didn't want to fly her non-stop.

Pelosi said fine, She doesn't need to waste time mucking around refueling. She will fly non-stop commercial just like she has always flown.

The White House has said that letting her fly commercial is not acceptable. They have basically told the military to make sure to have a plane available that can make the trip non-stop.

At no point has Pelosi ever asked for some big giant plane with sleeping quarters. She has asked for a plane that can make the trip between DC and San Francisico non-stop. There are lots of smaller jets that can do the job.

There is the whole story. Fact check it and find out if there are any statements from any body in the know that support any of the allegations floating around the right wing noise machine.

Joe said...

You teach the glorious art of performing choral music to adolescents, yet your heart is filled with ideologically based hatred for democratic women in politics? What's wrong with this picture?

Radiant said...

Joe, I have nothing against Democratic women in politics. What I oppose is hypocrisy.