Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why should I pay?

Obama has proposed a huge mortgage bailout that begs the question:

Should hardworking, faithful mortgage paying Americans pay for the bailout of mortgages of those who unwisely chose a home more expensive than they could afford?

I say "Let them lose their homes and fall on their butts financially until they get it! Bad choices have bad consequences! Time to learn personal responsibility!"

Bad choices have bad consequences? Hmmmmm......Stimulus package? Bailout of banks and the car industry? Mortgage Bailout? Delayed market correction?

America, watch out! Your leaders (Congress and the President) are making bad choices!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another one bites the dust?

I just read that Rep. Hilda Solis' husband finally paid 16 years of outstanding taxes! Wow! And he didn't get nabbed by the IRS! Rep. Solis is nominated to be Secretary of Labor but that confirmation hearing is on hold now.

Couldn't President Obama find any decent Democrats who have paid their taxes to fill Cabinet slots? Didn't he vet his choices? What about his 'people' and his high ethical standard? Are his 'people' setting him up to fail by giving him faulty choices?

Liberals railed about the 'corrupt' Bush Administration. I'm hearing crickets from that corner of the room.

Let me end by giving a plug for the Fair Tax. IF we had implemented a Fair Tax system, President Obama could breathe easy now and have his so called hand picked cabinet just the way he wanted it!