Sunday, February 11, 2007

I got lucky again

First comments from this humble blogger were printed in the Chicago Tribune.

Then Yesterday this humble blog was mentioned in the Washington Post!!!

Strafing the Speaker by Howard Kurtz

What am I? A Media Magnet? Hardly. I just hit a few pertinent news nerves and someone noticed me. But it does make a newish blogger kind of happy, even if the links to the blog come from people who think I'm an idiot.


Mark @ News Corpse said...

Hi Radiant,

I would like to know if you can tell me how Howard Kurtz came to cite your blog? It appears to be only a week or so old with nothing to suggest that a mainstram media reporter could have access to it. I couldn't find it in searches or Technorati (save for references to this new story) and I knew it existed.

Kurtz cited me a couple of years ago and, to this day, I have no idea how he came across my site. But I had been blogging for a year at that point and had a presence in search engines and on other sites.

Can you please respond to my question? Thanks.

Radiant said...

Mark, I have no clue unless it was by Technorati Tags.

I found the story on Drudge and merely commented on it because I felt like, in light of the pro global warming stance of most in the Dem party, Pelosi was requesting much more than she needed.

Any other bloggers have a clue?

Bag Lady said...

No clue.

But hey, keep it coming. (The pressure's on, now!) :)