Sunday, December 30, 2007


Romney's been a bit of a bully lately in Iowa and I think it will bite him in the rear before long. I have become disenchanted with Romney's tactics now and will not consider supporting him should Huckabee not get the nomination.

This might not be a bad site to look over.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I guess Fred is done!

Well, stick a fork in him! Fred has done everything but bow out of the presidential race. Are we surprised? Not really, for Fred Thompson has not approached this campaign as anything but a walk on a path in a lovely Southern Plantation - he's not worked for the role of being President. Here is the article about what he said today:

Thompson says he's interested in serving, not running for president


Burlington, Ia. -- Fred Thompson said today he does not much like the modern form of presidential campaigning and that he "will not be devastated" if he doesn't win the election.

"I'm not particularly interested in running for president," Thompson said, but rather he feels called to serve his country.

"I don't know if you have a desire to be president," Burlington attorney Todd Chelf told Thompson during a question-and-answer session raising an issue that has dogged his campaign.

"I am not consumed by personal ambition," Thompson responded. "I'm offering myself up."

Given the volatile state of the world, the actor and former Tennessee senator said he was not "sure it is a good thing if a president has too much fire in his belly."

"I'm only consumed by a few things and politics is not one of them," he said.

Chelf said after the event that it was "almost refreshing to hear that approach."

"I think there is a passion there," he said. "I think its sort of a Southern gentleman passion."

Thompson also had stops scheduled today in Washington, Williamsburg, Montezuma, and Newton.

I have no doubts that Fred is a nice guy with good traditional southern values who got lucky enough to get name recognition from being a TV star. But I also have no doubt that he is not presidential material. Maybe he will get an acting role as a president some day, and he'll do a great job of that!

12-30-07 UPDATE

I'm being bashed by Fred Heads. They've linked me to one of their blog sites (which I won't show here) Whatever! Their candidate, nice guy that he is, is being denigrated by the actions of his followers. I wish Thompson had been more aggressive as a campaigner, for I once was a Thompson supporter and turned away from him because of his 'walk in the park' method of campaigning. I really don't think he has the energy or drive to hold the highest public office in our nation.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Romney Buys a Lot of Debt

I was very surprised to find out that in Mitt Romney's attempt to purchase the presidency, he has amassed an incredible amount of debt - $17,350,000 to be exact.

Check here to see the numbers.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My two cents on Limbaugh's seemingly thin skin.

Recently, Rush Limbaugh had a caller on his show who declared that he only listened to the "Washington,DC/New York" chattering class. This caller chose to remain anonymous and stated that he was a Huckabee supporter. For some reason, Mr. Limbaugh became offended by the comments of the caller and has been lambasting Huckabee.

My opinion is this - Mr. Limbaugh, you have been a bastion of strength and have almost singlehandedly galvanized the conservative movement for years. You are well appreciated by conservatives everywhere in this great country - no matter who they support. Are you going to get bent out of shape over an anonymous caller. You know as well as anyone that the caller could have been a plant from another campaign. Please save your energy for the things you can verify and not the idle anonymous chatterers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to All

I wish joy and happiness to all my readers!

God bless you all this Christmas!

Radiant Times and the Kringle Lizards, Roughy and Feisty

Will Conservatives return to Thompson????

Will Conservatives return to Thompson? The author of Land of Da Free
seems to think so. I have my doubts, though.

Fred Thompson has campaigned like a man who assumed the Republican nomination was his. Now he realizes that his nearly arrogant, sloth-like trot onto the Republican campaign field was a mistake and is only now realizing that his campaign is in danger.

I do not fault Fred on the issues. He is reasonably solid as a 'social conservative'. I just don't believe he has governing experience, and I don't believe he would have the physical stamina to tolerate the demands of the Presidency. Sadly, he comes across as Gerald Ford or Bob Dole on barbiturates - lackluster and boring. (no insult intended to these fine men...just imagine them on the barbies) When Republicans tried Dole, a man much like Thompson, WE LOST. BADLY.

Fumbling his way through the political montage, Thompson seems to be a candidate whose ambition has kicked in too late. He doesn't meet with the public, he only talks to a select few, and the press has little access to him. That attitude shows in his dropping poll numbers, and is also one reason why I am supporting Mike Huckabee. Ultimately we have to select the candidate whom we feel will compete best against Obama or Hillary...... and that ain't Thompson.

What more can I say about Fred Thompson???? He's a good actor and should go where we can like him as rising Hollywood star instead of a falling political meteorite.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Never Thought I'd See the Day

About three and a half weeks ago, our glorious lemon colored Australian Bearded Dragon, Roughy, got away from us. We grieved over that silly lizard like a dog owner over a lost dog, and assumed he had gotten out of the house and had become a 'scooby snack' for one of our local cats.

But yesterday he emerged from his hiding place and I found him on the living room floor. He must have found a cool place to burmate for a few weeks. Needless to say, there was MUCH rejoicing in the Radiant Times household, and my dear husband is spending plenty of time coddling his 18 inch long lizard.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Blog in Town

Radiant Times is now affiliated with the LC 4 Huckabee group. Visit the blog HERE!

Monday, December 3, 2007

To the Troglodyte Headhunters of Sudan

I've renamed the Lizard of Doom. Ibn Abu Al Beardie is now called Mohammed - a common name!

Let the Ululation commence!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Huckabee is rising; Guilian and Romney are Waning

Today's Rasmussen polls are evidence of Huckabee's rise.

Poll Results:

Rudy Giuliani: 22%

Mike Huckabee: 17%

John McCain: 14%

Fred Thompson: 14%

Mitt Romney: 11%

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Low Carb living

We decided to dramatically change our lifestyle and way of eating last October. Our weight had been creeping up to the point that shopping for clothing became difficult. With our medical histories - diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol - we made the choice to cut back on carbohydrates and live a low carb lifestyle.

Since we are not exercising as regularly as we should, our weight loss is not dramatic, but both of us have dropped ten pounds to this point (even surviving Thanksgiving). The diet is not odious, and we have flexibility with our food choices. So many have gone this road before us so there are many, many recipes to try to keep the diet interesting. I'm pleased to know there are even recipes for 'bread substitutes' available for those who are reducing their carbohydrate intake.

Our favorite recipe book is "500 Low-Carb Recipes" compile by Dana Carpender.

We know we've made a long term lifestyle change and look forward to continued benefit over the next few months.

Huckabee on Immigration

Huckabee does not sound like a softie on immigration as Thompson purports.