Friday, October 30, 2009

Sitting in their Ivory Palace

So now it is finally released - the hulking form of the House Health Care Bill. Incomprehensible, incomplete, impractical, oppressive, and Congress excluding, this onerous piece of legislation will be voted on next week!

And from her gilded Ivory Palace Nancy Pelosi peered down upon the lowly and ignorant masses (at least those she had deemed lowly and ignorant) and declared that only those in Congress knew what was best for the American People. Alas, Congress had long since become insensitive to the cries of their constituents. They were now sycophantic and self serving, with a false assumption of royalty. They had forgotten the wisdom of the people. They had forgotten restraint. They had forgotten humility and the sacred trust of the office they held. Instead, members of Congress became drunk on the money they were trusted to spend for the betterment of the nation. They, though mere elected officials, grasped the power of their office as a birthright. And truly, some of the people, their constituents, were so ill informed or so cowed and coerced or bribed or outright lied to with promises of entitlements that perpetuate dependency, that certain of their number - such notables as Barney Frank, Charles Rangel, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Barbara Mikulski, Chris Dodd, Steny Hoyer, Benjamin Cardin, and many others - continued to be re-elected.

How does the travesty end? How does the modern reign of those who believe in the Divine Right of Representatives and Senators end? There are two possibilities.

1. The nation falls under the weight of its own bloat. Inflation rises, national debt rises, taxes rise, and the people continue to suffer more and more to the point of violent rebellion, or secessions as states fall away from the malignant pieces of legislation birthed from viewpoints opposed to the original intentions of the founders of the nation.

2. The people peacefully rise up, become informed of the acts of the great high Pelosi and those like her and seek to remove them from office. The will protest, and they will run for office themselves - the most capable among them - and they will win district by district. And common sense and wisdom will prevail in the land, and the people will see it and rejoice and be satisfied.

Rise up people! Peacefully protest! Call your Representatives and Senators!
Dethrone those who have made Congress an Ivory Palace.