Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's Drill Our Own!

There is oil available in the Rockies, offshore and in ANWAR in Alaska - plenty of oil to tide us over until we can make greater strides toward becoming energy independent. It can be accessed in a low impact way environmentally, and, best of all, it's OURS!

Unless we depend on ourselves for our energy needs, we are going to be dependent on foreign "oil ticks" who get rich off our need for their oil. You know who they are and they are not necessarily friendly to us! They are prospering at our cost.

What is keeping us from harvesting our energy bounty? Hate to be partisan, but it's the Democrats in Congress! They vote down every proposal to use our own energy resources? I'd like to know why. Does anyone have a real answer? Do they think blocking the development of our own oil fields is going to make us lean towards renewable sources of energy quicker? The average Joe already wants to convert to other forms of energy, but it's way too expensive at the moment. The change has to be gradual, but, while we are waiting let's get our own oil out of the ground and keep US monies in the US, for goodness sake!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

With Friends Like These.........

Who needs enemies!

Wow! I'm not enamored with McCain, but if this guy is a typical representative of an Obama supporter, his campaign is in a LOT of trouble! I wonder whose koolaid he's been drinking.....there are so many moonbat fountains!

Thanks to Blogs for McCain for sharing that tidbit!

Garden Update

I've had some successes and failures in my little garden.

The sprouting red potatoes I planted did not do well at all. Nor did the Radishes, even though I planted them early enough and watered them regularly. Surprisingly, the onions did not take, and I think it is a soil issue rather than a heat and water issue. Green beans have sprouted and produced a few beans, but have not thrived despite having enriched soil.

Because I planted early and watered well, lettuce did well for me. My Zucchini plants are thriving and will probably bloom in the next week or so. It is no surprise that tomatoes are doing well. I planted Early Girl, Beefsteak, and Heatwave. All tomato plants except the beefsteak tomato plant have fruit on them. The Cherry Tomatoes are already turning red. My Big Jim pepper plants look great and are blossoming.

In my herb garden - the Basil did not reseed, and my Spearmint carried over from last year. It doesn't look great and I want to see if the extra feeding will help. The Rosemary bush is thriving, but the climate here in Las Cruces is friendly for Rosemary.

I'm going to plant some more beans, as I know they are heat tolerant, and hopefully, I'll have more success with them. Because of our long hot summers, I cannot plant a fall garden until the end of September.

I'd like to experiment with fruit trees and berries. Flower gardening is not my strong suit, but I hope to try them later.

Here's a good gardening site for Las Cruces Gardeners - Guzman's Garden Center

Tuesday, June 10, 2008