Sunday, February 11, 2007

What is relevant?

I've been asked several times about how Howard Kurtz found and subsequently published contents my blog, seeing that it is relatively new, fairly eclectic, and slightly opinionated in the political arena. It is the newness of the blog that sparked the debate. Kurtz acted as if my little blog represented the whole of right wing opinion about the Pelosi jet situation. There were much more influential "right wing" blogs he could have chosen to represent that view. Little Green Footballs is a much larger fish in the pond than I am, and they commented on Pelosi.

How about Hot Air's Air Pelosi comments?

Roger Ailes picked up on this discrepancy in his posting Howie Kurtz, G.O.P. Bitch,
as did the Tennesee Guerilla Women.

They even accused Kurtz of creating these blogs to push a point.

It makes my not so boring life a little more interesting.
Maybe Mr. Kurtz can tell me why I was the chosen one..........or maybe the sacrificial blog?

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