Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Boys!

Well, they are not real boys, but we love them just as much. They are Australian Bearded Dragons. Roughy and Feisty are about a year and a half old and live up to their names.

Here is Roughy. He's a magnificent animal, as you can see. Bearded Dragons are so called for this expanding beard. They look tough, but really they are quite tame. All bluff and bluster until you pick them up... then they melt in your hand!

This is our other Dragon, Feisty. He is feisty by name and feisty by nature. I love the fierce look on his face when his beard puffs out.

We never thought we would become so attached to some silly reptile, but these Beardies did win our hearts.


Bag Lady said...

Oo--are their beards sharp? I have to say wow for you (I'm in awe), because I've been a bit squeamish about reptiles my whole life (couldn't have anything to do with my older brothers chasing after me with snakes and frogs when I was a toddler, could it?).

Urban_Infidel said...

Roughy and Dragon. Cute!

They look like they are smiling.