Monday, February 26, 2007

Democrats doing the flip flop again

On October 11, 2002, the Democrats voted to go to war with Iraq. They had been given all the intelligence information available. They knew of Saddam Hussein's continued defiance of the UN resolutions against him and his country. There was a list of 23 reasons to come into conflict with Iraq on the Iraq War Resolution. Nobody fooled them into this. Their words and reasons for choosing to do battle with Iraq are very well documented. Reid, Kerry, Clinton, Schumer, Biden and the rest of the Donkey Crew all were enthusiastic in their support for the war.

Now, leading Democrats are trying to say they did not mean to vote the way they did.

The enemy is still the same and just as fierce (yeah, yeah, Saddam is out of the way) The threat to our nation is still there, and these politicians think they can run away from a war they approved with a few little non binding resolutions, and the threat of pulling out all the purse strings.

What do the Democrats want? Would they be happy to see us lose? Haven't they the foresight to know that if we lose because of their spite for all things Republican, that they will lose even more? Do the Democrats know they might incite another, worse, conflict at their doorstep. The price for such a temporary victory would be people crying "peace, peace when there is no peace".

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Anonymous said...

you know, your post was a little old when i found it but i can't help but comment.
the democrats are not my party - let me get that straight right now.
but they don't WANT to lose this war in iraq - it's already lost. it couldn't ever be won. don't be angry because they finally got it and want out now.
plus, the republican congress voted to cut funding of clinton's war in the balkans - so honestly, you can't complain about democrats doing the same thing now....

iraq was lost before it began and that cannot be rescued now no matter what we try. let's just admit the mistake!