Sunday, February 25, 2007

Should This Be Allowed In a Free Country?

Some disturbing news is coming out of Germany. The UPI reports that a woman who chose not to follow the faith of her parents (who happen to be Muslim) and who helps others who have made the same choice is receiving death threats. According to Shaira law, any Muslim who forsakes their faith is to receive a death sentence. This brave woman, Mina Ahadi, is asking for police protection because of the death threats.

My question is simple:

Should the adherents of a religion who believe that it is right to kill those who forsake their particular faith be allowed to remain in a free country?

The countries of Europe and the United States espouse the freedom of religion. What if the followers of a certain religion choose violent consequences for those who step out of line?

The "honor" killings that have taken place in free countries are an example. Fathers who are also the adherents of a certain religion have become dismayed that their daughters and wives don't want to be as religiously conservative as they are. Their reaction? KILL THEM! And some do!

Nowadays, adherents of a certain religion have become numerous and are emboldened to try to force their ways and laws on the countries in which they reside, demanding special favors....demanding more respect.....and becoming extremely offended when anyone speaks against them.

Should a free country accommodate a faith that aggressively and violently tries to muscle their ways on society?

Personal Update:

This article could lead some to think I am painting with a broad brush, and wish to deport all Muslims from free countries. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the same time, if there is a group that chooses the radicalized side of their faith and choose to act violently in the country which has offered them hospitality, let them be tried to the full extent of the law. Let them be stopped in their tracks and deported if necessary. Free nations cannot show weakness in this.


Anonymous said...

No. People who make credible threats of death based on one's leaving a religion do not deserve to live in a country of liberal democracy. A free country is weak-kneed and craven if it accommodates extremism such as this.

Radiant said...

I agree and believe we need to take a strong stance against such groups. I know it may be inflammatory to have to mention Islam, but Muslims do perpetrate violence and the threat of violence.