Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prayers of the Early Church

I discovered a little book owned by my dear husband, Mr. Radiant Times, called Prayers of the Early Church which was originally complied and edited by J. Manning Potts and published in 1953. In subsequent posts, I will edit (updating antiquated language) and publish selected prayers here for the benefit of my readers.

New Testament Prayers

First Century Prayers
Second Century Prayers
Third Century Prayers
Fourth Century Prayers
Fifth Century Prayers

Please leave a comment if you find this site helpful. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm teaching a course in The Early Church and decided to begin each day with an early prayer. Always going to the web first, I found your post. Thanks!


Brad said...

This is the 3rd night in a row I've searched for ancient prayers of the early church.... most sites have just bits and pieces, or they're ads to sell books, etc. Thanks for posting these!

Rebecky said...

Thank you for posting the complete prayers. I'm looking for an ancient blessing written by the early church fathers called, "Putting Away the Sword." I'm not 100% sure that is right title. It was written to bless those returning from war with peace. Heard about it from someone who heard about it and we both are looking for it.
Have you heard of it? I think it was written before the 10th century. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes. thank you for posting these - dangerous prayers, the prayers of Polycarp!

Bobby said...

This is a great blog! Do you mind if I copy from your site?

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your site looking for information about praying in the early church. I was blessed by visiting your blog. Thank you.

Radiant Times said...

I'm glad these prayers are blessing all of you. Yes, copy freely, and link this page if you like, but the prayers are heart cries to our great God.


MparkH said...

Thanks for posting these! Enjoyed reading and praying them... and went looking on Amazon's used book site for my own copy of Potts' little prayer book. Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

I, too was looking for prayers of the early church to share with my students. Thanks for compiling them.

CGDaddy said...

I have also looked for the old prayers on the church online, what garbage Google led me to, until I ended up here. What a great find! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome prayers!

Cindy Dy said...

I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post.