Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Option Besides the Expected

The Republican Presidential Primary is far from over. McCain does not have the delegates needed to clinch the nomination yet. He also has FEC problems and there is a question if his birth in Panama makes him ineligible for the presidency.

Regardless of McCain's problems, people ought to check out Huckabee. He has the most experience governing of any candidate. Besides, having a brokered convention would be such a good thing for the Republican party.

Here is an editorial written by some Huckabee supporters. It is concise and well written (or I would not put it on this humble blog), and lays out why so many people support Mike Huckabee.

Check out Huckabee

Many people are willing to disenfranchise thousands of voters in Ohio by clamoring for Gov. Mike Huckabee to exit the presidential race. Senator McCain has not clinched the nomination by winning 1,192 delegates. With Gov. Huckabee, voters have a choice between a Governor, with 10 and one-half years of proven experience in running a state, and an experienced legislator.

In the predominantly democrat state of Arkansas, Republican Governor Huckabee tackled issues like welfare reform, joblessness, health care, education, and a crumbling infrastructure. He pushed through the first major, broad-based tax cuts in state history. He took office with a $200 million deficit; he left office with an $850 million surplus. He was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the five best Governors in America.

Gov. Huckabee is an effective communicator; a tested leader. He'll reduce the size of government, fight for a fair tax, seal our borders, and end illegal immigration. He staunchly defends the second amendment, and is passionate about ending our dependence on foreign oil. He believes a strong defense is the best offense, so will restore our military to its former strength. He understands the war we are fighting is like no other; that we must leave a stable Iraq. He passionately defends the right-to-life and traditional marriage. He never gives up. He will fight tirelessly for his vision of a better America.
Please check Gov. Huckabee's record at Vote for the genuine conservative on March 4. Ohio, we have a choice!

Bob and Reta Tharp

Let's Be Honest Here!

With McCain's decidedly liberal positions on the pro-life issue and immigration, taxes and free speech, I think this little sketch is appropriate.

If McCain is the nominee, I'm facing the possibility that the Republican Party is leaving it's faithful. Grandpa John is like Dole - just more liberal, angrier, and more coarse and mean. Although an American hero based on his service in the past (like Kerry), he's certainly not the best candidate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Best Democrat in the Race

It should be obvious!

This is the face of the sharp left turn of the Republican Party. Pity!

Friday, February 8, 2008

No Retreat - No Surrender

Call us hardcore if you wish. Many conservatives will not vote for John McCain this fall, even if he is on the ballot. We don't see why we have to merely accept the RINO that the Republican establishment wants to throw at us. They presume we will vote for their 'presumptive nominee', but we cannot and will not compromise our values. Romney asked us to look at his record - and he was found to be a hardcore liberal underneath his facade. Now we should do the same to John McCain and have his treachery and liberal choices exposed as well.

Mike Huckabee is in the race to the end, and conservatives are with him. We will not retreat and we will not surrender. He still has a chance at the nomination.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good Money After Bad

So, Romney is planning to stay in a race where he is increasingly unpopular. He has not been able to purchase the hearts of voters with his multitudinous millions, but his ambition to be president, seemingly based on his mistaken opinion that he truly deserves the nomination - despite his vacillating positions on key issues, is a lust that cannot be satisfied. Romney now bitterly lashes against those who disagree with him, and with each offended word a little more of his plastic facade flakes from his "perfect" exterior to reveal a spoiled rich man who is used to getting his own way by purchasing what he wants.

Here is an article demonstrating Romney beginning his angry fight of blame for his lack of success. First he blamed Huckabee; now he snubs President Bush. Who is next? Maybe FOX news for acknowledging Huckabee's success on Super Tuesday, and the Media for ending the Huckabee Blackout.

Romney Vows to Fight to Convention, Makes Swipe at Bush

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spoke late Tuesday night to supporters in Boston, saying it's time to send the politicians home from Washington and put the people back in charge.

With results showing Sen. John McCain sweeping Northeastern states with the exception of Massachusetts, Romney said results in the West had not come in fully.

But he made clear that whatever the final results of Tuesday's elections, he planned to fight for the nomination all the way to the GOP convention.

Romney said he was fighting to keep America great in the image of great presidents citing Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Teddy Roosevelt. He omitted President George W. Bush.

According to press reports, President Bush has expressed displeasure privately over Romney's positions on Iraq and immigration.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mike Huckabee - Going the Distance

Wonderful video!

My Sentiments Exactly!

There is a fine article The Catholic Online site that echoes what I'm feeling and adds to my prior posting about feeling disenfranchised.

The Shaking of the Republican Party

This election is shaking the Republican Party and forcing it to reexamine its first principles. It may mark the beginning of a new coalition for life, family, freedom and solidarity.

Feeling Disenfranchised

I will not pretend to be able to read into the future and tell you which of the presidential candidates will be left standing to proceed toward the nomination of their parties or if there will be brokered conventions. I am only expressing my personal opinion in this article.

People talk a lot about Reagan's "three legged stool" and how they represent the different sectors of conservative voters - the fiscal conservatives, the security conservatives and the social conservatives. They rave about how Reagan brought those three groups together, and he did well at that because he was able to effectively communicate with all conservatives and with those called the "Reagan Democrats". It was what the Republican Party needed at the time.

The Republican party is again fractured and somehow needs to be brought together. George W. Bush has not left us with an 'heir-apparent", and the fractured sections of the conservative base have again become evident. This makes for an exciting, if frustrating, selection process as we try to determine the Republican nominee. Our current choices are a very socially liberal candidate who is strong on national security, a one-term governor and business man who seems to be buying the election and is only recently 'conservative', a successful multi-term conservative governor who communicates well, but is branded as a liberal because of his compassion for the poor and because he had to raise some taxes to benefit the people of his state, and an anti-war Libertarian who should have run as a Libertarian, but decided he had a better chance running as a Republican.

Additionally, those in the media whom we deemed trustworthy are fully supporting Republican candidates who either hold firmly to liberal positions or who are recent converts to conservatism with no evidence to back up their new positions. One candidate, whose companies own part of a popular "fair and balanced" television station, is being foisted on us by that station. The one candidate who is most conservative is sidelined and ignored in the mainstream media. The most liberal of the Republican candidates, the one who has done the most to denigrate his Republican credentials, is seen as the 'front runner."

The irony in our current scenario is that the current 'front runner' does not adhere to the Republican party platform, led a revolt of Senators against the President, collaborated with the Democrats to limit our free speech and give amnesty to illegal immigrants, and was even courted by Democrats to be a vice presidential candidate. The one pushed by the 'fair and balanced' media outlet promised to be even more liberal than his democratic opponent when he ran as governor, and made gay marriage and legalized abortion (only $50) available during his term as governor.

All of these candidates need the large block of social conservatives to successfully gain the Republican nomination. This block, branded as the "evangelicals" consist of social conservatives who believe in traditional values. Republican candidates try to court this large group of voters and are often successful because of promises made to them - promises that usually do not come to fruition.

This leads me to the point of this rambling article. As a social conservative, I feel disenfranchised by my own political party. The party has certain political platforms that are supposed to define and unify those who agree with them, but the majority of candidates being foisted upon us do not adhere to the platform (probably out of fear of losing elections). This causes the Republican party to appear as if it does not have significant differences from the opposing party, and demonstrates a lack of integrity. As mentioned before, these candidates aggressively court the 'evangelical' vote, only to disappoint those very voters by supporting issues that they consider socially liberal. Could it be that evangelicals are being used by the Republican Party the same way Blacks and Hispanics are used by the Democratic Party? It's something to think about! And maybe it's time to determinedly pursue an alternative to the current two party system, and organize a third party.

Feb. 3, 2008
Quick update: To those on the Ron Paul Information site - I am not LouDobbs!!!
Radiant Times is a humble music teacher in New Mexico.

Romney's Record

Romney invites us to look at his record to prove his conservatism. I accept the challenge and find him to be rather liberal. It seems his 'conversion' to conservatism is an act of political expediency.

Here is an article presenting the research done by MassResistance. It documents the positions Romney has taken before and during his governance of Massachusetts.

Will voters, especially those who consider themselves reasonably conservative please do some comparison shopping of the candidates? Mike Huckabee is really the only true conservative out there.