Monday, February 5, 2007

The Green-Eyed Monster Strikes

Very sad and disappointing that astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak drove 12 hours straight to Orlando International Airport just to attack the woman who is seeing the astronaut for whom she longs. She is in jail without bail now as the authorities consider her dangerous.

Normally astronauts go through very rigorous training and are expected to have high standards of physical as well as emotional strength. I know love is a powerful force, but I wonder what tipped Nowak's mind toward such violence.

Here is an article by a fellow blogger - jammiewearingfool:

When Astronauts Attack

And the article in the Orlando Sentinel:

Space shuttle astronaut arrested at OIA on attempted kidnapping, battery charges

UPDATE Feb, 6 2006

More information on this sad story:

Astronaut Charged In Apparent Love Triangle Kidnap Attempt

Astronaut Charged With Kidnap Attempt


Bag Lady said...

You might be interested to know that your comment on Jammiewearingfool's blog ended up in the Chicago Tribune today, on the Op-Ed page (which is how I discovered your blog).

And then I see you're a musician. (So am I.) Cool.

Radiant said...

Thank you so much for letting me know!!!! That's really kind of exciting!

My husband and I were talking about Nowak's situation this morning and concluded that, in general, the chances of an astronaut losing their life while on a mission is much higher than that of an astronaut going postal. They are still the cream of the crop, although I am sad and sorry for Nowak's situation and the choices she made to possibly inflict violence on her rival. Not wise! Wish she could have gotten some help and counselling after she and her husband separated.