Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Century Prayers

For All Kings and Rulers

Grant unto all Kings and Rulers, O Lord, health, peace, concord, and stability, that they may administer the government which You have given them without failure. For You, O heavenly Master, King of the Ages, gives to the sons of men glory and honor, and power over all things that are upon the earth. Do, Lord, direct their counsel according to that which is good and well pleasing in Your sight, that administering in peace and gentleness, with godliness, the power which You have given them, they may obtain Your favor. O You Who alone are able to do these things, and things far more exceeding good than these, for us, we praise You, through the High Priest and Guardian of our souls, Jesus Christ; through Whom be the glory and the majesty, unto You, both now and for all generations, and forever and ever. AMEN.

-- Clement of Rome

A Morning Prayer

O God, Who are the unsearchable abyss of peace, the ineffable sea of love, the fountain of blessings, and the bestower of affection, Who sends peace to those that receive it; open to us this day the sea of Your love, and water us with the plenteous streams from the riches of Your grace. Make us children of quietness, and heirs of peace. Kindle in us the fire of Your love; sow in us Your fear; strengthen our weakness by Your power; bind us closely to You and to each other in one firm bond of unity; for the sakd of Jesus Christ. AMEN.

--Syrian Clementine Liturgy

For Rulers and Governors

To our rulers and governors on the earth - to them You, Lord, gave the power of the kingdom by Your glorious and ineffable might, to the end that we may know the glory and honor given to them by You and be subject to them, in nought resisting Your will; to them, Lord, give health, peace, concord, stability, that they may exercise the authority given to them without offense. For You, O heavenly Lord and King eternal, gives to the sons of men glory and honor and power over the things that are on the earth; may You, Lord, direct their counsel according to that which is good and well-pleasing in Your sight, that, devoutly in peace and meekness exercising the power given them by You, they may find You propitious, O You, who only has power to do these things and more abundant good with us, we paraise You through the High Priest and Guardian of our souls Jesus Christ, through who m be glory and majesty to You both now and from generation to generation and forevermore. AMEN.

- Clement of Rome

For Blessings

May God, who sees all things, and who is the Ruler of all spirits and the Lord of all flesh - who chose our Lord Jesus Christ and us through Him to be a peculiar people - grant to every soul that calls upon His glorious and holy Name, faith, peace, patience, long-suffering, self-control, purity, and sobriety, to the well-pleasing of His Name, through our High Priest and Protector, Jesus Christ, by whom be to Him glory, and majesty, and power, and honor, both now and forevermore. AMEN.

- Clement of Rome

For Forgiveness

You did make to appear the enduring fabric of the world by the works of Your hand; You, Lord, did create the earth on which we dwell, - You, who are faithful in all generations, just in judgments, wonderful in strength and majesty, with wisdom creating and with understanding fixing the things which were made, who are good among them that are being saved and faithful among them whose trust is in You; O merciful and Compassionate One, forgive us our iniquities and offenses and transgressions and trespasses. Reckon not every sin of Your servants and handmaids, but You will purify us with the purification of Your truth; and direct our steps that we may walk in holiness of heart and do what is good and well-pleasing in Your sight and in the sight of our rulers. Yes, Lord, make Your face to shine upon us for good in peace, that we may be shielded by Your mighty hand and delivered from every sin by Your uplifted arm. and deliver us from those who hate us wrongfully. Give concord and peace to us and all who dewll upon the earth, even as You gave to our fathers, when they called upon You in faith and truth, submissive as we are to Your almighty and all-excellent Name. AMEN

- Clement of Rome

Prayer Before Partaking of the Holy Sacrament

O God, who are great, great in name and counsel, powerful in Your works, the God and Father of Your Holy Son Jesus, our Savior, look upon us, Your flock, which You have chosen through Him to the glory of Your Name; Sanctify us in body and soul, and grant that we, being purified from all filthiness of flesh and spirit, may partake of the mystic blessings now going before You, and Judge none of us unworthy of the, but be our Supporter, our Helper, and Defender, through Your Christ, with whom glory, honor, laud, praise, thanksgiving be to You and the Holy Spirit forever. AMEN

- The Clementine Liturgy

A Pure Heart

O God Almighty, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son, give me a body unstained, a pure heart, a watchful mind, and an upright understanding, and the presence of Your Holy Spirit, that I may obtain and ever hold fast to an unshaken faith in Your Truth, through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord; through whom be glory to You in the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. AMEN.

- The Clementine Liturgy

For Joy and Gladness

Blessed are You, O Lord, who has nourished me from my youth up, who gives food to all flesh. Fill our hearts with joy and gladness. that we, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work in Christ Jesus our Lord, through whom to You be glory, honor, might, majesty, and dominion, forever and ever. AMEN.

- The Clementine Liturgy

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Leslie Hoots said...

Thank you. I will use this in a study today of early Christians and Prayer.

I have been blessed by reading these and feel God's holy presence in my life.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I love to use and collect for my daily prayer life, prayers from the early church. thank you!

Cheryl Ritskes said...

Thank you very much for posting these! I'm currently working at my Christian university to put together booklets of ways to pray and prayers of the church fathers is part of that. Very helpful!

Jack Stines said...

The prayers from the Clementine Liturgy have been most helpful. Thank you.