Monday, July 14, 2008

Just a Thought

The cover of the New Yorker is all the rage today, with it's supposedly satirical portrayal of Barak and Michelle Obama. Everyone's talking about it.

I had a different thought flowing through my active mind instead. Obama was raised as a Muslim. Not necessarily a radical Muslim, but enough to have an impact on his life. That's a fact and not a big deal. He also converted to Christianity around 1985, and started attending the church of the Notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright, of "God D**m America" fame.

His conversion could be a problem for him as he tries to negotiate with Achmadinejad in Iran and with other Muslim leaders. Being a convert to Christianity, he is officially an apostate and the consequences of apostasy in Islam is death. Would he not be under threat of assassination if he attempts diplomatic negotiations in countries which are predominately Islamic??

Just a Thought!

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