Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mr. Bill's - The Best Burgers in Town

As I was driving home from a rehearsal with a brilliant young singer, Karline Valentine, I heard an ad on the radio (AM 1450) for Mr. Bill’s on El Paseo in Las Cruces. It claimed that Mr. Bill’s had the best burgers in town. This is a possibly dubious claim since there are multitudes of burger places in town.

You can leave your skepticism at the door – Mr. Bill’s is the real deal. They really do have the best burgers in Las Cruces (and we are pretty picky!) The burgers are as good as the ones right off your grill and feature a thick tomato slice, iceberg lettuce, onions (grilled or ungrilled!) and a mayo house sauce. You can have your burger any way you like. The bun is delicious too!

They charge only $1.78 for their simple hamburger – and this small price for a real burger, not one of those stamped out military style burgers that are called ‘sliders’ in the Navy.

Besides a creative and delicious array of hamburgers, Mr. Bill’s also offers delicious seafood. We had the clams, which were not over breaded. The Chihuahua Dog amused me –it is a foot long all beef dog wrapped in a tortilla with green chili and cheese that is deep-fried!

Mr. Bill’s claims to be a “Hot Rod Café” and also adds to the ambiance of the place with a 50’s theme, the pictures of classic cars around the restaurant, the generous use of glass in the construction of the building, and the vintage seats and booths. One almost expects “The Fonz” from Happy Days to come around the corner to charm you and steal some fries from your basket.

Mr. Bill’s claims to be a meeting place for car buffs, and they offer half price burgers if you bring your classic cars on the right days. Yo! You Low Rider boys – Listen UP!

July 15 – 31, 2008 bring your 1960 car or truck for half price burgers.

August 1 – 15, 2008 bring any pre-1970 Harley Davidson for half price on your burgers!

Our only beef was with the fries, which were a bit soggy. They make them by hand from real potatoes – not the pre-fried, pre-frozen excuses of potatoes – and they just need to be a little bit larger. Everything else was FABULOUS!

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