Friday, August 1, 2008

Pelosi not out to save the Planet - Updated

Pelosi's adamant refusal to bring the issue of drilling for oil on the continental shelf to a vote is not so much about saving the planet as it is about saving Democratic backsides.

UPDATE: Today, August 1, 2008, Pelosi and the Democrats turned off the lights and microphones and adjourned the House while the Republicans were still debating the drilling issue. Please view the Video update.

If Democrats don't have to publicly vote for or against increasing American oil production, the "great unwashed populus" of the United States does not need to know where they stand. If the masses don't know for sure that Democrats would rather the United States remain dependent on other countries for oil (much the same way they want the American people dependent on a 'nanny' government for basic needs), then they will not do any damage to the great Obama's (bow down, unworthy ones!) chances for winning the Presidency - not just of the US but of the WORLD!

Pelosi would rather our country lurch leftward and toward second world status in the name of "saving the environment" with a socialist/Marxist leaning President than for our country to regain and maintain greatness and strength among the nations.

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