Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Will Conservatives return to Thompson????

Will Conservatives return to Thompson? The author of Land of Da Free
seems to think so. I have my doubts, though.

Fred Thompson has campaigned like a man who assumed the Republican nomination was his. Now he realizes that his nearly arrogant, sloth-like trot onto the Republican campaign field was a mistake and is only now realizing that his campaign is in danger.

I do not fault Fred on the issues. He is reasonably solid as a 'social conservative'. I just don't believe he has governing experience, and I don't believe he would have the physical stamina to tolerate the demands of the Presidency. Sadly, he comes across as Gerald Ford or Bob Dole on barbiturates - lackluster and boring. (no insult intended to these fine men...just imagine them on the barbies) When Republicans tried Dole, a man much like Thompson, WE LOST. BADLY.

Fumbling his way through the political montage, Thompson seems to be a candidate whose ambition has kicked in too late. He doesn't meet with the public, he only talks to a select few, and the press has little access to him. That attitude shows in his dropping poll numbers, and is also one reason why I am supporting Mike Huckabee. Ultimately we have to select the candidate whom we feel will compete best against Obama or Hillary...... and that ain't Thompson.

What more can I say about Fred Thompson???? He's a good actor and should go where we can like him as rising Hollywood star instead of a falling political meteorite.

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