Saturday, December 1, 2007

Low Carb living

We decided to dramatically change our lifestyle and way of eating last October. Our weight had been creeping up to the point that shopping for clothing became difficult. With our medical histories - diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol - we made the choice to cut back on carbohydrates and live a low carb lifestyle.

Since we are not exercising as regularly as we should, our weight loss is not dramatic, but both of us have dropped ten pounds to this point (even surviving Thanksgiving). The diet is not odious, and we have flexibility with our food choices. So many have gone this road before us so there are many, many recipes to try to keep the diet interesting. I'm pleased to know there are even recipes for 'bread substitutes' available for those who are reducing their carbohydrate intake.

Our favorite recipe book is "500 Low-Carb Recipes" compile by Dana Carpender.

We know we've made a long term lifestyle change and look forward to continued benefit over the next few months.

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