Saturday, December 29, 2007

I guess Fred is done!

Well, stick a fork in him! Fred has done everything but bow out of the presidential race. Are we surprised? Not really, for Fred Thompson has not approached this campaign as anything but a walk on a path in a lovely Southern Plantation - he's not worked for the role of being President. Here is the article about what he said today:

Thompson says he's interested in serving, not running for president


Burlington, Ia. -- Fred Thompson said today he does not much like the modern form of presidential campaigning and that he "will not be devastated" if he doesn't win the election.

"I'm not particularly interested in running for president," Thompson said, but rather he feels called to serve his country.

"I don't know if you have a desire to be president," Burlington attorney Todd Chelf told Thompson during a question-and-answer session raising an issue that has dogged his campaign.

"I am not consumed by personal ambition," Thompson responded. "I'm offering myself up."

Given the volatile state of the world, the actor and former Tennessee senator said he was not "sure it is a good thing if a president has too much fire in his belly."

"I'm only consumed by a few things and politics is not one of them," he said.

Chelf said after the event that it was "almost refreshing to hear that approach."

"I think there is a passion there," he said. "I think its sort of a Southern gentleman passion."

Thompson also had stops scheduled today in Washington, Williamsburg, Montezuma, and Newton.

I have no doubts that Fred is a nice guy with good traditional southern values who got lucky enough to get name recognition from being a TV star. But I also have no doubt that he is not presidential material. Maybe he will get an acting role as a president some day, and he'll do a great job of that!

12-30-07 UPDATE

I'm being bashed by Fred Heads. They've linked me to one of their blog sites (which I won't show here) Whatever! Their candidate, nice guy that he is, is being denigrated by the actions of his followers. I wish Thompson had been more aggressive as a campaigner, for I once was a Thompson supporter and turned away from him because of his 'walk in the park' method of campaigning. I really don't think he has the energy or drive to hold the highest public office in our nation.


FRedStates said...

Not presidential material? Perhaps you should hear Fred's side of the story... lease you be grouped in with the rest of the drive-by media types who simply rehash what somebody else has already written.

EastTNBlonde1 said...

Yes, go to the link in Fredstates comment and read what Fred Thompson REALLY said. Fred is not running for president because of personal ambition and wanting the prestige and power of being President of the U.S. Fred Thompson truly wants to make this a better and safer America for all of us - and not just us, but for generations to come.

kerrhome said...

Dang, you are going to look pretty bad on this one, but blogs all over the Internet have been able to refute this poorly written and misleading article. Here is just one from National Review Online:

or here:

You can read the transcript of the event here:

You may not like Fred. You may not want him to win or think he can win. Please try to at least be fair through this. Let's have some integrity.

kerrhome said...

Here are those links again:

or here:

You can read the transcript of the event here:

Iowa Fred Head said...

Since we're on the subject of being "Done"... based on his recent comments... you would have to include Mike Huckabee in there wouldn't you?



WONDERED IF MARSHAL LAW IN PAKISTAN WOULD CONTINUE (even through marshal law ended two weeks ealier - campaign later clarified)

SCREWED UP SAYING PAKISTAN DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH CONTROL OF ITS EASTERN BORDERS NEAR AFGHANISTAN (but Pakistan shares it's western border with Afghanistan, not eastern)

SCREWED UP SAYING WE HAVE MORE PAKISTANI ILLEGALS COMING ACROSS OUR BORDER THAN ALL OTHER NATIONALITIES EXCEPT THOSE IMMEDIATELY SOUTH OF THE BORDER. (just wrong... illegals from Philippines, India, Korea, China and Vietnam were all far more numerous than those from Pakistan)




I'm sure you would agree these recent Huck-Ups make a much more substantive blog entry as to whether a candidate is "presidential" than a few quotes taken WAAAAY out of context wouldn't you?

So go ahead and stick a fork in Mike... surge is over. :-)

Radiant Times said...

To the entrenched Fred Heads:

I'm sorry that you cannot read the writing on the wall. Fred is done. Huckabee is carrying Iowa, SC, GA, TX, OK and has much support. Chances are good that Mike Huckabee will rise to run again if things don't go well this time around, but not Fred, who reminds me of Bob Dole on Barbiturates. Sorry guys.

Brian Walters said...

So you're supporting the hit piece? You should be ashamed of yourself. Talk about immoral...unbelievable.

Way to present the do it about as well as your lying candidate does. At least us FredHeads support a candidate that is a straight shooter and doesn't need to say different things based on where he is standing.

I feel bad for you really how much of a follower you are.

Anonymous said...

Wow, apparently unless a candidate wants to hold their breath and throw a tantrum and say I want to be president I want to be president they are not qualified?

Please. You know, wanting to be president is not the same thing as being qualified to be president.

Fred is qualified (unlike some other candidates). Fred's got the right policies and he can and will win nationally.

USS Midway 41 said...


Though you say Fred is done you fail to address any of the great points raised by the posts here. Nor do you even try to defend Gov. Huckabee's foreign policy gaffes. You fail to recognize the true context of Fred's quotes that you are using to convince other's he does not want to be President. You then lose all credibility with your crack about Bob Dole, a fine America who gave so much of his life so that you and others like you can exercise free speech. In case you didn't know Bob Dole served and was seriously injured in World II... we owe much to Dole and those who served in that war. We certainly should not use our free speech rights that they fought for to make fun of them simply because we lack the wisdom to express our self any other way.

Radiant Times said...

Do you guys remember that when Republicans chose Dole to be the candidate, we lost big? Dole, God bless him, is a total hero, but was not the Leader we needed in our country for he was all worn out as a public servant. I know you don't like to hear this, but Fred gives the same impression. Nice guy but out of poot.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see all the pro Huckabee comments here. Oh wait a minute. There are any. Never mind. I'm voting for Thompson just based on what I see here. Thank you.

Pastor Dan said...

This from someone plugging a once-upon-a-time liberal Baptist preacher who thought that Benazir Bhutto was campaigning to be the President of Pakistan when she was killed, but who did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Well, maybe not last night, but one night. Well, that's what he said; whether it's true or not I can't really say. Perhaps his campaign could clarify which hotel chains he has frequented.

I would suggest he might want to get used to Motel 6 instead, but there's that whole wedding gift registries issue left over from last year; I don't want to confuse anyone here by bringing in facts.

Captain C. said...

Your 12/30 update comment is interesting:

I once was a Thompson supporter and turned away from him because of his 'walk in the park' method of campaigning.

It basically says you also believe Thompson to be the best choice for President but because he didn't campaign the way the medial told you he should campaign you got all confused and jumped on the Huckster's bs wagon.

Thank you for the clarification.

Josh Painter said...

You're being bashed by Fredheads? What did you expect after regurgitating a media hit piece on your blog and claiming that Fred was done?

Welcome to the blogosphere, where you have to take responsibility for what you publish.

Oh, and the way Huckabee's numbers are falling, it may your guy who has to get out of the race first. T

Grant said...

For those with an 'Honest Heart' please just go to or any of the other links here and read the ENTIRE transcript of what was said.

Then YOU make up your own mind about the feelings of Senator Thompson.

Thank You

gunsmoke said...

It's sad when an alleged adult can't recognize a dyed-in-the-wool phony like the HUCKMEISTER!

The HUCKABOOM has very quickly and very appropriately turned into the HUCKABUST. You must have been napping.

America has already tried a phony country-preacher former governor of Arkansas as President and we didn't like what we got.

Instead of bringing AlQuieda to its knees, he settled for a Whitehouse intern.

If he were to become President the price of gifts for his "wedding" will go way up, but he'll never be able to hide all the hard disk drives any better than Rosemary Woods coul hide 17 minutes of audio tape.

Bugs Bunny said it best when asked what he thought of Gov. Hucklebeem "WHAT A MAROON!"

Oink said...

Are you kidding me? DONE? So interesting that you would transcribe one of your dreams! Fred is NOT done! NOT!

Mike Huckabee scares me to death! He is consistent on at least one thing however... most everytime he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in it.

jft said...

You silly fool, you write a piece of twisted trash and you expect KUDOS, and when you get a little bit of what you deserve, you whine and blubber like a baby--get your 'blu blanky' and sit in the corner little boy with thumb in mouth!

I am not at all sure this incorrigible - fellow is worth your fine efforts, he's not capable of facing nor learning truth or facts.

jft said...

I do believe it is time to get the BIG FLOOR mop to clean up after this Radiant Times gone dark and dim..wonder if he has any friends to clean up his unholy mess?

He who spreads lies comes not out on top of the heap in glee!!

PS, Yes, Iowa Fredhead, you are correct! Cooked!

borderbum said...

Radiant Times,

I have been a supporter of Senator Thompson since early last year.

During his Senatorial years I became familiar with him. I got to see him on the talk show circuit, later in his career during his movie and TV episodes I got to watch him on occasion. In any of the public appearances in which I have seen Senator Thompson, I have never seen him exceedingly animated or boisterous. When I have seen him he always appears low key and expresses himself distinctly and cautiously. Even in the episodes of Law and Order his character came across as calm, low key and direct.

At the web site, on just that one site alone, many thousands of people signed petitions during the early months of last year to encourage Senator Thompson to run for the presidency. Whatever their reasons for encouraging Senator Thompson to run I suggest it surly wasn’t for his ambitious manner of presenting himself to an audience.

I have wondered though what it was about Senator Thompson that so much of the media expected to SEE something other than what he really is.

During the time that Senator Thompson filled in for Paul Harvey he frequently voiced his opinion on various subjects that were newsworthy at that time. Many folks never realized that Fred Thompson who signed off with “Let’s Get Together Again Tomorrow” was the same Fred Thompson....the actor. Many folks, me included, liked hearing what he expressed in those commentaries.

Senator Thompson speaks the same today. His views are consistent.

When Senator Thompson replied to Michael Moore in the video episode regarding the Cuban Health Care situation he was expressing his belief as in the past but this time with greater determination. He stated his opinion and stood up for his principals. What made that video so popular was the fact that he addressed Michael in a public video saying what many of us would like to have said to Michael on the subject. He followed up by giving Michael an example of what happened to another individual who coddled up to Castro.

On another more recent occasion at the Iowa debates, now frequently referred to as the “No Hands Show”, Senator Thompson again demonstrated his convictions, this time in a public forum. When asked to defend a question with a yes or no answer to a question which would have obviously required verbal clarification Senator Thompson refused to raise his hand. As in the Michael Moore video episode, Senator Thompson is not a slacker. He consistently speaks for what he believes but when necessary shows it in a skillful aggressive manner.

Just recently Senator Thompson again has found it necessary to address an issue, this time the incorrect reporting by a journalist regarding a question addressed to Senator Thompson by an individual in his audience and the reply to that question by the Senator. Senator Thompson has made available a transcript of his reply on that occasion which has been linked to in this comment section by others. Needless to say, like many other articles that have referred to Senator Thompson as lazy, no fire in his belly or what ever, many folks just might not get the truth of what he actually said. As is often said, once the horse is out of the barn, it’s often difficult to get it back in.

What a shame it will be if we conservatives lose this opportunity to put a real Conservative back in the White House. I’m sorry Radiant Times, but Huckabee is the Flamboyant Hope that apparently many sought in Senator Thompson. Problem is he often speaks quickly without thinking about what he is saying and like Romney and Guiliani and McCain we just don’t know if his change of mind on several issues are what he really believes today and will be tomorrow.

Senator Thompson remains the most honest, has the most consistent conservative record and still remains low key but shows his feisty side when necessary. One might say he is deliberate and determined but uses that big stick only when necessary. I haven’t jumped ship. I still believe as those thousands of individuals who encouraged Senator Thompson to run did, that he is the best Conservative candidate and the best candidate overall.

Winghunter said...

Wow, that's a lot of drool you have there boy. Don't look now but, the fork is sticking out of you.

Not only can you not interpret what you read but, your assinine assumption about what a campaign should be is laughable.

When you feel the need to take the fingers out of your nose which lead you, start doing research instead of turning on your TV.

In the meantime read all about your Huckster, the snake-oil salesman here;

Fred Head Jr. said...

You should enable posting features for Huckabee supporters. They are apparently being prevented from potsing here. This is not fair to Mike Huckabee to let only Fred Heads post.

Radiant Times said...

Gentle, and not so gentle, Fred Head readers. I'm sure we will continue this discussion in another month when Fred is sadly trounced in the primaries. I understand your loyalty to the man - I am as passionate about Huckabee as you are about Fred. If Fred is the social conservative you say he is, we should be working together to remind people of Romney's glaring inconsistencies and flip flops.

Fork Man said...

AP: 12/31/07

"... The media laughed. One of the funniest, most charming presidential candidates in recent memory, Huckabee normally makes reporters and voters laugh at his one-liners. On Monday, he made himself the butt of his own joke, urging journalists to take careful note of the negative ad that he had withdrawn because he wanted to run a positive campaign."

Pastor Dan said...

Just in case anyone is really interested in what really took place that set this whole round of silliness in motion.

Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


I wouldn't be surprised if the Republican convention winds up being brokered. If that happens I doubt that Fred Thompson will be a player if it happens.

I wouldn't worry too much about the attacks. They mean little. We just need to continue the retail politickin.'