Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My two cents on Limbaugh's seemingly thin skin.

Recently, Rush Limbaugh had a caller on his show who declared that he only listened to the "Washington,DC/New York" chattering class. This caller chose to remain anonymous and stated that he was a Huckabee supporter. For some reason, Mr. Limbaugh became offended by the comments of the caller and has been lambasting Huckabee.

My opinion is this - Mr. Limbaugh, you have been a bastion of strength and have almost singlehandedly galvanized the conservative movement for years. You are well appreciated by conservatives everywhere in this great country - no matter who they support. Are you going to get bent out of shape over an anonymous caller. You know as well as anyone that the caller could have been a plant from another campaign. Please save your energy for the things you can verify and not the idle anonymous chatterers.

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Brian Walters said...

All Rush needed was a reason to bash Huckabee. Really it is easy to do with the amount of times the guy has lied repeatedly.

Rush is just telling the truth and that is that Huckabee is no conservative. He is what we call a social liberal. Conservative on social issues (just like Fred Thompson) but a liberal on every other issue.

I think Huckabee has said something different to every crowd he has talked to. Then when someone points out how terrible his record is he plays the religion card and says thy are dishonest. The only dishonest person is Huckabee.

Huckabee can't even stand behind his own record. Is he that embarrassed by it? I would be if I were him.

There are other candidates who are not only social conservatives like Huckabee but they are FULL SPECTRUM conservatives...say "hi" to Fred Thompson. The only TRUE conservative in the race.