Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why I Will Never Convert to Islam

Some purveyors of multiculturalism say all cultures are of equal value. I disagree. There are some cultures that are so damaging to humankind that they should be allowed to wither on the vine and die. The current tacit acceptance of terrorism and violence puts Islam on the list. Here are some reasons why I would rather die than become a Muslim:

Terrorism in the name of Islam

Attitude of supremacy of Muslims

Clear direction in Koran to kill “infidels” (like me)

Lack of equality for women

Lack of respect for women (the testimony of two women is equal to that of one man)

Acceptance of beating as an appropriate treatment of the wife

Glorification of violence and death

Training children to hate and kill

Extreme bigotry against Jews

Bigotry against Christians

Bigotry against believers of anything except Islam

Taking offense against anything that ‘offends’ Islam

Taquiya – it’s ok to lie to promote Islam

The fear of normal sexuality

Lack of tolerance for other cultures

Lack of tolerance for each other (Muslims kill more Muslims than anyone else)

Lack of willingness to accept religious freedom for others in “Muslim” countries

I’ll think of others as time goes on, but this is a formidable list

The God I worship tells me that my enemy, Satan, comes to steal, kill and destroy. From what I’ve seen of the public face of Islam, that pretty well sums it up.



Anonymous said...

This blog's title should be "Why I will Never Convert to Muslim". I am saying this as a Muslim myself, I understand that today's Muslim is not what taught in Islam. I will strongly suggest you to read Quran rather then reading anti-Islamic materials and reading actions done by Muslims or Islamic States

BabbaZee said...

anonymous - if you are so proud why don't you use your name?

Thanks for the line of crap, but
Your Da'Wa is total bullshit.

I know the Koran.

Happy 4th of July.

The GOD of Israel watches over us.
Tell your fellow MUSLIMS to abandon the jihad or face HIM if you are such a force for GOOD and GOD in the earth.

BabbaZee said...


we should ignore

"reading actions done by Muslims or Islamic States"


Turn from your satanic allah and joint the forces of good.

This is the Spleen-Wa.

BabbaZee said...

It is Islam, dummy

By: Amil Imani


FreeFromFaith said...

Faith is Blind Conviction, and causes these kind of problems, the sooner people abandon faith, the sooner we can all get along. I'm not saying dispose of or leave religion, but it is clear that there is a real problem in society - Religion. Call me Infidel, Heretic, Heathen whatever you like, but just pose these questions to yourself, Do you know why you follow religion? does it give you satisfaction in knowing that you are a follower of a restricting ideal? Know that you are respected anonymous blogger, for defying the teachings of domineering demons and their servants.