Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Magnificent Lizards!

Here are some pictures of Roughy and Feisty hot off the press! Enjoy!

This is Feisty and Roughy. They are clutch mates, both male and they hate each other. Roughy is NOT smiling! He wants to bite and kill his brother!

Roughy the Magnificent!

Feisty pensive after encounter with his brother.

Roughy in his Lemon Colored Glory.

What do you think of these Australian Bearded Dragons??? Leave me a comment!



Ma Sands said...

A few years ago, my son the artist (among his other achievements :) entered a pencil drawing of an eagle on a branch with his freshly-caught trout, into the education building's art exhibit at our State Fair.....he would have won blue & purple ribbons, except for a true young lady artist who entered a painting that looks almost exactly like your "lemon-colored glory" photo.... :) There was no resentment, for we all agreed hers was an extremely beautiful talent! :)

Erin said...

Your lizards are so great, I've always wanted one! I saw the link on Cute Overload, thanks for posting it!