Monday, July 9, 2007

Did you watch it?

I'm talking about Al Gore's Live Earth global warming concerts. I didn't even though I am a huge music lover, and I'll tell you why.

I think Al Gore is an attention seeking crank who has cottoned on to global warming as a cash cow. He's like a televangelist preaching outrageous sermons to a sycophantic, unintelligent (that is what our schools produce nowadays) boot licking crowd. All televangelistic prosperity teachers work a pyramid-like scheme that has one kingpin at the top and the rest of the peons and poor suckers giving to the cause of the kingpin. Gore has used the music industry to work the young, uneducated and inexperienced masses to an environmental froth all for his own profit. And forget the fact that the musicians and bands want to give lip service to global warming while living their lavish lifestyles. Forget the fact that global warming green means money money money.

There are far better ways to reduce the dreaded carbon footprint than by attending a 'global concert' designed to line the purses of the demigods and soak the poor kids who love music and who are trying to do something right with their young lives.

You can do what we do: Grow a garden, use a wood stove in the winter for heat, don't buy designer clothes. Use your bikes when you can. Don't eat out much, and eat less processed food. Turn off the TV, video games and i pod like devices and spend time with your family, neighbors, and friends instead of the artificial and mind numbing stimulus addiction to such devices afford.

Our future plans include installing a greywater system to recycle water (important here in the Southwest, moving to a smaller house (the kids are growing up), purchasing more land to grow more food and to live simpler.

So, you can follow our example.....or Al Gore's, whose house uses more power in a month than a normal family uses in a year! We can't afford to buy off our carbon guilt like Gore can with the money from his Global Warming products!

I'm seriously glad he never won the presidency.


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