Monday, July 9, 2007

Pure Evil

Can you imagine taking a happy ten year old girl and brainwashing her to be willing to die for Jihad?

Here is part of the article describing what happened to the children at the Red Mosque siege in Pakistan:

SAIMA KHAN wants to die a martyr. Life is transient, she told her father in a telephone call last week, and the real glory is to sacrifice it for Allah. Her statement would be alarming at any age, but Saima is only 10.

As she spoke, rifle shots rang out, the acrid smell of tear gas drifted over Islamabad and hundreds of troops surrounded the pro-Taliban Red Mosque, a religious school complex in the heart of Pakistan’s capital where Saima was among hundreds of children being held as virtual hostages in a stand-off between militants and the government.

Saima and her 14-year-old sister, Asma, were embroiled in a struggle for the soul of Pakistan in which up to 70 militants died last week and more than 100 were injured, according to mosque officials.

Holed up inside the complex behind the lines of troops and razor wire, the children – many of them girls whose families had sent them to the mosque to receive a strict Islamic education – repeatedly rejected relatives’ entreaties to leave before a threatened army onslaught.

There was evidence that many had been brainwashed into a cult of martyrdom, and the authorities feared last night that some were being prepared to be suicide bombers. In barely eight weeks, Saima had been transformed from a religious but fun-loving girl to a jihadi, grimly craving martyrdom.

Imagine if you had sent your daughter to a private school to receive a decent education, and she came out so terribly radical! As a Christian, I can understand teaching your children that there is the possibility of being persecuted for your beliefs. That sort of teaching is Biblical and is a reality in countries which are hostile to Christianity (Sadly, Pakistan seems to be one of those countries). But to have your children brainwashed into believing they need to die or kill themselves to promote an oppressive theocratic system is totally evil.


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