Friday, February 8, 2008

No Retreat - No Surrender

Call us hardcore if you wish. Many conservatives will not vote for John McCain this fall, even if he is on the ballot. We don't see why we have to merely accept the RINO that the Republican establishment wants to throw at us. They presume we will vote for their 'presumptive nominee', but we cannot and will not compromise our values. Romney asked us to look at his record - and he was found to be a hardcore liberal underneath his facade. Now we should do the same to John McCain and have his treachery and liberal choices exposed as well.

Mike Huckabee is in the race to the end, and conservatives are with him. We will not retreat and we will not surrender. He still has a chance at the nomination.

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mouse said...


I've been browsing your blog for the first time and I see some similarities of mind: some initial attraction to Fred Thompson, a recognition that he couldn't cut it as a candidate; a distrust of Romney, and a growing attachment to Huckabee.

Today's a big day, Wisconsin. Huck has been written out as a factor in the Republican primary process, a nonexistent man now, forgotten. If he happens to win Wisconsin that will shake a lot of people up. I'm hoping for that, it's perhaps too much to hope, I'm certain he'll do "better than expected". I expect by tomorrow there will be renewed angry calls for him to "get out!"

Good man, that Huck. He gives Christian conservatives a voice. We can send a message.

I will say though that this Fall, presuming that the apparently inevitable is, I will be voting for McCain. To slightly paraphrase one of my favorite people: You don't go to the polls with the candidate you want, you go to the polls with the candidate you've got.

McCain has some flaws, he does have some virtues. And November, as much as I pull for Huck up to 1,191, he's probably the candidate I've got.