Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good Money After Bad

So, Romney is planning to stay in a race where he is increasingly unpopular. He has not been able to purchase the hearts of voters with his multitudinous millions, but his ambition to be president, seemingly based on his mistaken opinion that he truly deserves the nomination - despite his vacillating positions on key issues, is a lust that cannot be satisfied. Romney now bitterly lashes against those who disagree with him, and with each offended word a little more of his plastic facade flakes from his "perfect" exterior to reveal a spoiled rich man who is used to getting his own way by purchasing what he wants.

Here is an article demonstrating Romney beginning his angry fight of blame for his lack of success. First he blamed Huckabee; now he snubs President Bush. Who is next? Maybe FOX news for acknowledging Huckabee's success on Super Tuesday, and the Media for ending the Huckabee Blackout.

Romney Vows to Fight to Convention, Makes Swipe at Bush

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spoke late Tuesday night to supporters in Boston, saying it's time to send the politicians home from Washington and put the people back in charge.

With results showing Sen. John McCain sweeping Northeastern states with the exception of Massachusetts, Romney said results in the West had not come in fully.

But he made clear that whatever the final results of Tuesday's elections, he planned to fight for the nomination all the way to the GOP convention.

Romney said he was fighting to keep America great in the image of great presidents citing Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Teddy Roosevelt. He omitted President George W. Bush.

According to press reports, President Bush has expressed displeasure privately over Romney's positions on Iraq and immigration.

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Speedzzter said...

Romney's inability to discipline his public image is emblematic of his inexperience as a campaigner.

It's past time for Mitt to really use that allegedly brilliant business mind and call it quits. Romney has probably blown as much as a half a million dollars or more for each delegate he has to the GOP convention. Continuing on would merely be throwing a lot more good money after bad. And for what? To punish a guy who's spent less on his whole campaign than Romney wasted in losing California? A bad investment indeed.