Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Option Besides the Expected

The Republican Presidential Primary is far from over. McCain does not have the delegates needed to clinch the nomination yet. He also has FEC problems and there is a question if his birth in Panama makes him ineligible for the presidency.

Regardless of McCain's problems, people ought to check out Huckabee. He has the most experience governing of any candidate. Besides, having a brokered convention would be such a good thing for the Republican party.

Here is an editorial written by some Huckabee supporters. It is concise and well written (or I would not put it on this humble blog), and lays out why so many people support Mike Huckabee.

Check out Huckabee

Many people are willing to disenfranchise thousands of voters in Ohio by clamoring for Gov. Mike Huckabee to exit the presidential race. Senator McCain has not clinched the nomination by winning 1,192 delegates. With Gov. Huckabee, voters have a choice between a Governor, with 10 and one-half years of proven experience in running a state, and an experienced legislator.

In the predominantly democrat state of Arkansas, Republican Governor Huckabee tackled issues like welfare reform, joblessness, health care, education, and a crumbling infrastructure. He pushed through the first major, broad-based tax cuts in state history. He took office with a $200 million deficit; he left office with an $850 million surplus. He was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the five best Governors in America.

Gov. Huckabee is an effective communicator; a tested leader. He'll reduce the size of government, fight for a fair tax, seal our borders, and end illegal immigration. He staunchly defends the second amendment, and is passionate about ending our dependence on foreign oil. He believes a strong defense is the best offense, so will restore our military to its former strength. He understands the war we are fighting is like no other; that we must leave a stable Iraq. He passionately defends the right-to-life and traditional marriage. He never gives up. He will fight tirelessly for his vision of a better America.
Please check Gov. Huckabee's record at Vote for the genuine conservative on March 4. Ohio, we have a choice!

Bob and Reta Tharp


Anonymous said...

It is not "far from over". It was over weeks ago. Let it go. Focus your efforts on something productive.

Peter from Dover NH said...

Huck will have all eyes on him Tuesday. McCain will be over the magic number at that point. I expect a very gracious and eloquent concession and suspension of his campaign. He was great. He saved us from Mitt. He gave the disaffected a place to burn out their energy. Mission accomplished.

Then on to the main event.

Linda said...

It is not over.
The NYT today has these numbers:

NYT total= 845 PLEDGED delegates to JM
He needs 346 out of the possible 547 in the remaining states' possible delegates = 63% needed

To this point- ONLY 42% of the total delegates (in states and territories that have voted) have been committed to JM.
It appears unlikely for him to get the needed 1191 allocated pledged delegates before the convention.

foutsc said...

Mike Huckabee is a good man, but it is practically over. After next Tuesday, when the grieving period ends, the Conservative movement will need Huck supporters to stop Hillary or Obama.
The bigger story is that Huck could win the Arkansas senate seat up for grabs this year. He would help conservatism way more by throwing his hat in that ring. Mike Huckabee for Senator from Arkansas!

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The issue of McCain's birth is such a desperate plea it's not worth noticing other than that Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona when it was still a TERRITORY and had no problem running...and has in common with Huckabee that he didn't win, either. I'm no McCain fan, but Huck-nicks who pursue this nonsense just make their man look silly. He should run for senate...not make for-$ speeches in the Caymans while his followers are deluded into thinking he's got a chance at President this year.

Anonymous said...

Linda, your figures are a bit off. McCain has 967 pledged, 66 unpledged. There are 738 delegates to go, and McCain needs 158 of them - ie 21%.

Texas and Ohio, with McCain miles ahead in both, will see him pass the 1191 marker, at which point Huckabee will formally drop out.

Of course, this is all irrelevant - even if Huckabee was a serious player, he'd never be selected at a convention. His figures among non-evangelicals are near zero, so his nomination would guarantee a Democrat in the White House. The convention would go for someone else, eg Crist.

Anyway, no matter. McCain had the nomination wrapped up the moment he edged ahead in Missouri, winning all 58 of its delegates. After that point Romney couldn't win, and the race was over. Quite possibly McCain winning Florida even ended the whole thing - that's what the betting markets thought at the time, and they've been shown to be right.