Sunday, September 23, 2007

"What's in Your Wallet?"

That's what I want to know from Democratic candidates in this election cycle. Who's providing them the big bucks to promote their "Progressive" Socialist agenda?

Consider the Democrats who won't speak out against the ad, including Hillary Clinton. MoveOn is generously supported by George Soros - a man who wants to be a political chessmaster in the world, and who uses his capital to influence elections. This was obvious during the last presidential election and is still continuing.

So, Soros wants to spend money to over throw what he considers 'fascist regimes' and has an obsessively negative view of the United States. Should he be allowed to 'buy' elections? Should he become the defacto King of America (and the world)?

A fair warning to Democratic candidates - What is in your wallet and who is controlling you with their dollars?

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