Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rush Limbaugh is not News

Rush Limbaugh is not news. What is news is the loss of common sense and dignity in Congress.

Congress, the current Democratic Congress, has the lowest approval rating of any Congress in the history of the United States. They are rivaling the kind of demagoguery and outright partisanship for their own selfish ambitions that led to the Civil War. This Congress can be compared to the Pre-Civil War Congress where they were so morally weak and indecisive that they allowed the "Great Compromise" - that some states should be slave states and some should be free. I fear that we could be on the edge of another civil war with such incompetent and self serving leadership.

On both sides, we have clear and open evidence of pettiness, viciousness, corruption, bribery and sexual perversion. When the top leaders of our country act like animals, selfish children and whiny brats – attempting to screw strangers in public bathroom stalls, hiding money in freezers, using native Americans for their own corrupt political purposes, sleeping and drooling and ranting on public TV the American public knows its time for a change. (I’ll let you guess who they are. They are from both sides of the House and Senate and they have one thing in common – they love themselves and money more than they love the American they are hired to serve and defend.)

Most in Congress on both sides have an attitude of extreme treachery toward the very military THEY desperately need to keep their "candy asses" from being blown sky high on the way to work. The Carpetbagger from New York is using her senatorial office for no other reason than to run for president (and yes, she'll probably win - I believe the American people are overall just that stupid). Under this current Congress, which has put off any meaningful debate about illegal aliens and protection of our homeland, murderous illegal aliens can get more health and government benefits than a Hardworking US citizen who has paid their dues all their life, it is possible that freedom is not just being eroded, but is being destroyed.

In our country, we have laws - Don't murder. Don't steal. Don't lie.. The list goes on. But then we have our Congress and our political leaders decrying the "Two Americas", where, in reality, "if you are rich and famous you can break all the laws you want, maybe write a book, and get a ton of cash for it. But woe to you if you are a poor person of color! One false step and you are going down for 20 years because you felt sorry for yourself one day and just had to steal a bike.

According to God's Word, the true sign of the end times is that people would be evil, and this is how we would know what evil is - very simply: people would be lovers of themselves, and call what is evil good and what is good evil. I believe our Congress is in that camp and that they should all resign. Every last one of them. When people who represent our freedoms sacrifice them for their own power lust and personal ambition, are we really safe?

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