Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dems Debate on Raising Taxes for Healthcare

Tonight on the AARP debate, Democratic candidates were touting their fabulous comprehensive and universal health care plans.....all paid for by raising Taxes on the "Rich" and by raising Capital Gains Tax from 15% to 27%.

I don't think Edwards, Richardson,Clinton, Biden and Dodd really have a background in economics. What they propose may satisfy the itching ears of the "poor" who are bitter and have a grudge against those who are blessed with the ability to accumulate wealth, but in reality it is those who have a little extra capital who can start businesses without borrowing and who can create jobs which increases the revenue base from which people pay more taxes. They don't realize that "Bush's Tax Cuts" - they speak that like a derogatory word - are what have fueled the strong economy we have now.

In their lofty and even pompous proclamations about health care, they fail to address the one great unmentionable in Democratic politics - Illegal aliens are sucking the health care system dry and not contributing via taxes. If that issue were dealt with, along with tort reform and a purging of corruption form the Medicare system that still pays our $12 for a tylenol, it would go a long way toward solving some of our health care issues.

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