Monday, June 4, 2007

Open Letter to CKE Restaurants

I just viewed the Patty melt commercial and the sexual provocation in the ad is very offensive. Your target audience may be male single college students, but the commercial is too "adult" for children to watch. It is disrespectful to regular families who should be your target audience. Your food products are far better than McDonald's and other fast food outlets, so why are you resorting to offending your customer base?

We started calling Carl's Jr. "Slutburger's" since the Paris Hilton ad, and the "Pattymelt" ad has confirmed that name.

Despite the fact that you have fabulous products, I will not be purchasing any products from your company and will encourage my friends and neighbors to avoid Hardee's and Carl's Jr unless CKE can find a different way to advertise without resorting to overtly sexual imagery. Your use of sex to sell food is offensive and inappropriate.

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CKE Restaurants - Hardee's, Carl's Jr.
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