Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Now they're only hiring those with papers"

In Panama Beach, Florida, the authorities have developed an effective strategy for finding Illegal Immigrants.

Deputies in patrol cars pull up to a construction site in force, and watch and see who runs.

Those who take off are chased down and arrested on charges such as trespassing, for cutting through someone else's property, or loitering, for hiding out in someone's yard, or reckless driving, for speeding off in a car.

U.S. immigration authorities are then given the names of those believed to be in this country illegally.

"It's not wrong for them to run, but it's not wrong for us to chase them either," said Sheriff Frank McKeithen, who created his Illegal Alien Task Force in April to target construction sites in this Florida Panhandle county.

Apparantly Florida has a law that has been on the books for a long time: Employers are Prohibited from Knowingly Hiring Illegals. Sherriff Frank McKeithen is merely enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

In light of the Immigration Bill debacle, States already have laws that prohibit hiring of Illegals. Other municipalities legally prevent landlords from renting to Illegals. Others require proof of citizenship before getting a driver's license. Are these laws wrong or outmoded? Of course not!

Those who scream for an amnesty policy for Illegal Immigrants are among those who use minorities for political gain - The Democrats. I would dare say it should be investigated how Democrats control the majority of the black population of the United States by the multitude of promises of government help while keeping so many in a crippling welfare system and without school choice in our cities. It is a travesty! They are doing the same to the Illegal Immigrants - keeping up the promise of free bilingual education (which usually means many students will be below par in both languages), free food, health care and citizenship for their children born in this country. Social services are promised in America the land of milk and honey where Illegal families stuff themselves into cracker box houses and subsist on beans and rice.

But back to what is happening in Florida. The laws that are already on the books are being enforced, and this should be the case for all States.

Should we have a Federal Immigration Bill? Maybe not! Maybe individual states need to make their own laws and enforce them.

I'll leave you with Jose Madrid's words:

Mexican illegal immigrant Jose Madrid, 28, said he has been unable to find a construction job over the past six weeks because of the crackdown, and hasn't been able to send money to his parents and his 7-year-old son back home.

"We immigrants, we are leaving Panama City. People are afraid they will be deported," he said. "The companies don't want to hire illegal people. Now they're only hiring those with papers."


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