Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Government Welfare From Pelosi

I am very disappointed in the performance of our current Speaker of the House. It seems that the directions Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are trying to take Congress are disasterous, and the approval ratings for Congress is now lower (the approval rating for Congress stands lower than Mr. Bush's, at 23%) than those for President Bush. And that is no mean feat!

Nancy Pelosi's latest act of entitlement is to demand that lawmakers’ adult children tag along on taxpayer-funded travel for free. And why should this be, seeing that you have to be very rich to be a member of Congress, and thus able to afford the occasional airline trip for your family members? Mike Soroghan of The Hill gives the answer:

Pelosi wants them to be able to fill the role of lawmakers’ spouses when the latter are unable to make a trip because of health issues or work commitments.
What the Heck! We did not elect the spouses and adult children of lawmakers to Congress! We elected the Representatives and Senators for who they were and for their expertise and ability to make wise decisions and legislate.

Pelosi is only seeking more perks from the government. She has almost all the power she ever dreamed of having (short of being president), and she is using her power to soak the government, believing it is her due. It is part of her socialist beliefs in a cradle to grave welfare state.

Expect congressional approval ratings to continue to drop as Pelosi and her cohorts repeatedly push for more undeserved and unnecessary government benefits.


Derek said...

This was on Hardball. According to one analyst, it wouldn't cost any of the taxpayer money if one of the adult children were to take the place of a spouse on the plane. Spouses are already subsidized.

The analyst said that the Congresswoman is asking, not demanding, as well.

Not sure if that is all true and, if it is, I would still be reluctant to support such expenditures unless the Congresswoman could convince me that bringing along adult children helps the country in one way or another.

Radiant Times said...

My big issue is that Pelosi expects the family members to take the place of an ailing or busy congressperson. That is just wrong, since we did not elect the family members.