Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Giuliani is right about this: UPDATE

As might be expected, leading Democrats are wailing and gnashing their teeth over Giuliani's statements. I already commented on this article here. And every time I think about Giuliani's comments, I think about the Iran Hostage crisis that was precipitated by Jimmy Carter's weakness against our enemies during his administration. His administration was so bad he is very close to being considered one of the worst presidents we have ever had. By the way, neither Bush is close to being on this list.

My question for Democrats is this - how will the Democrats deal with an enemy that is hell-bent on destroying our civilization and replacing it with a barbaric, misogynistic, intolerant, and frankly, backward theocratic civilization?? I hope they have a good answer, too, because the future of the United States of America hangs upon how this nation will vote..not just in the presidential election, but in every election.

So, Hillary and Obama have decided that Giuliani has stooped to a new low. (I think Hillary did that already by putting on the fake southern accent and singing "Ah Dohn't Git No Waays Tahrd!" for her black audience) Lets see how low they go in scrambling to give their blind "peace peace (when there is no peace)" constituents some sort of answer to the terrorism issue rather than pushing it aside.

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Charlemagne said...

I dearly and truly wish that just for a short time that Liberals could live in a country of their own with all the freedom in the world to enact their lunatic, Marxist ideas.
How many would make for the walls and try to join the Conservative States of America?
A Liberal States of America would be subject to invasion and conquering from a boy scout troop with pocket knives. Their economy would collapse like the USSR. They wouldn't reproduce so soon their population would collapse.
Libs can't see that their ideas would kill them.