Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ecstatic or Disappointed

If you are a Democrat, you are either Ecstatic about Nancy Pelosi now, or very concerned and Disappointed.

Pelosi has embarked on her own taxpayer-funded fool's errand of trying to out-state department the State Department by going to Syria to meet with their dictator Bashar al-Assad. Problem is that Syria is one of the biggest terror supporters in the region, being the home location of Hezbollah's (or hez-bullies, as I like to call them) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, and other terrorists.

Here is a quote from the Washington Post article "Pratfall in Damascus":

Ms. Pelosi was criticized by President Bush for visiting Damascus at a time when the administration -- rightly or wrongly -- has frozen high-level contacts with Syria. Mr. Bush said that thanks to the speaker's freelancing Mr. Assad was getting mixed messages from the United States. Ms. Pelosi responded by pointing out that Republican congressmen had visited Syria without drawing presidential censure. That's true enough -- but those other congressmen didn't try to introduce a new U.S. diplomatic initiative in the Middle East.

Pelosi's ill advised personal foray into foreign policy begs the question - who should be getting impeached or at least censured for this Fol-de Rol? Did she do this for her own personal pride? Or is her idealistic view of those who support our enemies blinding her from common sense. Has Pelosi forgotten that the approval rating for Congress, particularly the House of Representatives, is LESS than that of the President.

Charles Hurt of the Examiner writes:
"Back home, conservatives and liberals alike criticized Pelosi's diplomatic freelancing as naive, sloppy and dangerous."
Dangerous indeed, Nancy. Now come home and face the music.


Here's another article on the issue:

When a dilettante takes on Hizbullah


I condemn Pelosi's actions, but I ALSO condemn the five Republicans who went with her. Doesn't the President have authority to have the whole delegation arrested for making a "diplomatic" visit to a country with whom we are having very restricted diplomatic relations??


Omnipotent Poobah said...

I'm not in favor of people trying to conduct shadow diplomacy, but if it is bad for Pelosi to go, why isn't it equally bad for the five Republicans who went with her? Shouldn't they shoulder some of the blame too?

Radiant Times said...

It IS equally bad that five republicans went with her. I hope they are censured for supporting her "mission"