Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear President Obama


You told our lawmakers to "buck up" and pass health care legislation quickly. I am very concerned about your haste in wanting out nation to again spend money we do not have on a program that will be as unsuccessful as the universal health programs of Europe.

If this legislation passes, the people who will suffer are those who are the weakest among us - the elderly and those on fixed incomes. A rationed health care program does not benefit the health of a nation. It demotivates research for cures and causes needless suffering for those who have to wait for health care.

You want to tax the wealthy and employers heavily for this health care. Do you not see that you are making our nation unfriendly to businesses? Do you not see that you are promoting the transfer of business, jobs and wealth to other countries? Do you not see that your programs will cause greater dependency on the Government, and that our country will not be able to bear the bloated cost of providing for every person?

Why are you pushing so much change in this early part of your presidency? You have, with the stroke of your pen, already quadrupled our national deficit. You have taken over General Motors and you demand complicity with the Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade bill. I thought you did not want to raise taxes on those who earn less than $250,000 a year? Waxman/Markey is the biggest indirect tax on all energy consumers.

I question your wisdom, Mr. President. You who rose to your position of great power dependent on Government provisions, Government grants and even Government Affirmative Action programs. Is your goal to make everyone like you.....dependent on and provided for by the Government? God forbid. You are taking our nation down a dangerous path. Our enemies see us as weak because of you. Chinese students laugh at your Treasury Secretary when he claims the dollar is "safe". I hope the people of our nation will rise and oppose your plans and goals. I pray that many in Congress who approve of your reckless agenda will be replaced in 2010, and that our nation will have that beautiful bloodless coup to replace you in 2012, if you are not impeached before then.

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Well said.