Friday, June 26, 2009

Are you seeing this, too?

Our President appears to be doing everything he can to weaken our economy and make us less able to defend ourselves. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama looks like he is doing everything he can to weaken our military and financial sectors, making us a little less competitive and a little more vulnerable to attack every day. Not only that, he and the Democratic controlled Congress are eroding the liberties granted us by our founding fathers by massive over spending of the federal budget, forcing a crackpot science global warming based energy agenda upon this nation what will lead to the greatest energy tax increases of all time, forcing a universal health care system on our nation, which is a system of health rationing, cutting back defense at a time when we are at war with an enemy that would like to send the head of your son or daughter home in a hat box, and by limiting freedom of speech through encouraging the passage of the "Fairness Doctrine" and promoting "hate crimes" legislation.

On domestic policy, it seems that everything being done is forcing workers to pay for the wants, needs and benefits for non workers. The wealthiest among us are being taxed to the point of leaving the country, and those less wealthy who are business men and woman, those who create jobs in this country, are threatened with higher taxes if they make more than $250,000/year. That kind of policy does not encourage production and enterprise.

Is Obama's chief goal to drive the unemployment rate to over 20% in the next six months to a year? He's well on his way by his approval of the 'tax and spend' policies of the liberally controlled Congress. Is he seeking to create a nation of those who are dependent on the government for their every need? There are those voters who will always vote for more benefits, no matter how much it hurts the economy.

At the current rate of "CHANGE" our government policies will be unsustainable and financially we will collapse, much like Germany before the rise of the National Socialist Party, when inflation became rampant because of the unsustainability of the government policies. Our standard of living will drop and American citizens will become poor and poorer. Those least able to care for themselves would bear the brunt of the Obama economic policies. Those still employed would be stiffly taxed in a futile attempt to fill the rapidly draining coffers of the bloated government.

Are you seeing this? Are you talking about it? Are you going to just let it happen?

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