Sunday, March 8, 2009

How do you Boycott a President?

President Obama has been in office a mere 50 days now. In that time he opened the door to spending on abortion and contraception in other countries, more than doubled our national debt by signing an obscene "Stimulus Package" and agreeing to a pork laden budget, and is planning to normalize relations with Cuba. He is also planning to sign into law a bill that will force pro-life doctors, pharmacists and nurses to be involved with abortions.

Our President cannot even fill secondary level Cabinet positions, let alone the top positions until recently, and Timothy Geithner works alone and inefficiently without any deputies in this time of severe financial crisis.

Thug Boy Hugo Chavez is encouraging Obama to come down the path to Socialism, but that was Obama's political background and upbringing anyways. It seems that Obama and the Congress are rapidly dismantling our nation from a Republic to a Democratic Socialist nation.

Where does it end? I know Obama was rightfully elected in this country, and I pray for him and would rather that he do well for our country, but I am viscerally opposed to his policies and philosophies. Despite what some on the left may say, this is not a race issue - it is an issue of my core values and beliefs about my country and government. I don't believe in punishing the wealthiest among us for their thrift, hard work or even good luck. I don't believe in rewarding those who persist in living in a cycle of dependency on the Government. I don't believe in wealth redistribution. I don't believe universal health care is a good idea, having lived in Europe where health care is rationed. I don't believe a nanny Socialist government is healthy for a free people.

I have written to my senator and congressman, but their namby-pamby lockstep responses are the real conspiracy theory rather than some kook ideas. I've e-mailed the President, but will he really consider my concerns? I doubt it. The only thing that will shake those droolers up ( yes Harry Teague of New Mexico, I think you are a drooler!) is to have their precious House and Senate seats threatened. That will be up to local people like you and me and we had better get on the ball.

Another thing we can do to take action is nationwide peaceful protests. I recommend looking into one of the Tea Party groups. Here is a link for the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party. Citizens of the nation need to join together and not sit idly by! In Chile, when protesting the oppressive regime of Pinochet, the people would cry out "A people united can never be divided." Let Americans unite against the dismantling of our Nation and Government to something the Founding Fathers never intended.

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