Sunday, January 25, 2009

Best Pro Life Ad EVER

I was floored when I saw this. Some will be amazed. Some will be offended. All will face the truth!


Anonymous said...

We talk about proper schooling for our children, we have forums that go all out to support those who home school, we go all out to make sure our children are receiving the best schooling possible.

Question, how about our unborn children, how about our unborn citizens of the Untied States, do they deserve the same protections, the same considerations as our living children?

After all, they are human beings aren’t they.

The Socialist left takes pride in the number of abortions that have been performed since Roe VS Wade,the left’s political planks are the planks of murder and death one of the under pinnings of the Socialist Democrat Party–ABORTION - anytime,any place 1st month 9 month if the child survives the abortion process kill it anyway

—after all it is a DRAG ON OUR ECONOMY!!

Our unborn under the administration of the Silver Tongue Devil have been reduced to a economic burden-not human beings awaiting to inhale the sweet breath of life–but rather just hunks of meat- a burden on us all


Gary Gatehouse
Gettin after Lefty Show
Conservative talk radio

Anonymous said...
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Brigette said...

That is one effective ad! No wonder the networks wanted to find a way to avoid showing it. I can't imagine what grounds they used to defend their decision though.