Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why McCain is failing in the polls

This article is the opinion of Mr. Radiant Times.

This election cycle we have two democrats running for President: McCain and Obama. One is a Maverick who means well but has no plan, and the other has a plan which is openly Anti-American. It is time for Conservatives to stay out of this election and as Jesus said, "Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's". I say let the democrats and RINO Rebuplicans (intimate allies of the democrats) choose which democrat they want to win. Real Americans and the Conservative movement have already lost this election.

Not everyone forgets McCain's treacherous statements. Not everyone forgets that he was the leader and organizer of the Gang of Fourteen. Not everyone forgets the bad language and the open hatred of Christians. Not everyone forgets his openly mocking the sitting President. There is no excuse for McCain being the Republican nominee. He's lying about being a conservative and only a morally shipwrecked soul like John McCain could turn his personal treachery into a virtue which he calls being a Maverick. I cannot vote for John McCain under any circumstances. He is sneaky and reminds me so much of Richard M. Nixon. Remember President Nixon was a man who started out doing good then under the pressure of being President turned into a imperialistic liar.

I'd like to finish with this one thought:

McCain is behind Obama about 3 - 4 points in the polls in reality, and I predict that he will lose. If he had made a greater attempt to reach out to conservative than to reach across the aisle, he could have had the respect and the trust of the Republican base. There is a real danger that if John McCain should win and take the blame for this depression that we are sliding into - and he will - that the conservative movement which has been completely marginialized this election season will never have a chance to put a good man or woman in that office again. That is a change we cannot live with.

Obama will win, and, of course, he will do none of the things he has promised. He will have the most morally corrupt and perverted and liberty opposing cabinet this country has ever seen. Think Joselyn Elders times ten. But when people are hungry, jobless, taxed to the hilt and out on the streets, let an Obama administration take the blame for the coming depression - not the Republican party I used to know before it nominated McCain to be the presidential candidate.

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