Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is this legal??? Is this right?

The Santa Fe Police Department is thinking about hiring Mexican Nationals to fill vacancies in the Police Department. The people they are thinking about are here in the US legally, but are not citizens. New Mexico Police Academy regulations prohibit non-citizens from serving as police officers.

What do you think about this???

I want to know if the Mexican Nationals are in the process of acquiring citizenship and have a clean background history. If not, they should be barred from the police force. I think that without some proof of loyalty to the United States of America from the potential applicants the Santa Fe Police Department would open itself to security risks.

I am all for legal immigration as this country is the land of opportunity, and I do believe the immigration process is painfully slow (my mother went through the process when I was a child). But if the Mexican Nationals have no intention of assimilating into our culture and becoming Americans, let them seek out other employment than that which is a critical link in our national security.

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