Monday, March 26, 2007

New Mexico Spaceport

There is a measure on the ballot here in Dona Ana County that asks whether or not tax money should be used to fund a Spaceport in Southern New Mexico. While there are some nay-sayers, I believe the Spaceport will be a positive thing for this area. It will provide high tech, higher paying jobs for this area, and will benefit this state economically. It will encourage schools to produce a better product in the children that are taught so they will be prepared for the new jobs that are coming. It will benefit New Mexico State University with more research grants, and raise the status of the university as they train many more engineers to work in the subsidiary businesses that are attached to the Spaceport. The site is very remote, and noise would not be a major problem. As far as the Camino Real trail, it is possible for it to co-exist with the Spaceport.

New Mexico has been one of the lowest producing states for many years. The Spaceport gives the "Land of Enchantment" a way to thrust itself into higher orbit among the states of our nation.

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